Technology Marketing Solutions

Presentek offers a range of traditional marketing and digital marketing services, including:

Strategy & Consulting

You have a great idea, and you’re ready to bring it to fruition. Don’t go it alone. We’ll help you every step of the way — from defining the market, branding, and customer acquisition to business development strategies, concept prototyping, and your pitch to management and stakeholders.


Want to separate yourself from the pack? That’s hard to do if your marketing presence looks like the pack. Take advantage of immersive, interactive digital experiences.

Visual design and 3D modeling

Cut through information overload with the right visual design to depict your content, showcase products and environments in 3D, or establish your brand.

Web Site Design & Development (CMS)

Plan, design, write, and code everything from web landing pages that support advertising, social media, or demand gen to pages/sections that can be added to the corporate site to dedicated, mobile friendly, specialty purpose web assets.

Brochures & Collateral

Create simple single-page or multi-page PDF brochure files and information briefs for products, solutions, and services — as well as vertical and corporate communications pieces.


Customers prefer video — as much as 72% prefer video for learning about a product or service. Video is versatile and cost effective, since one video can have many uses. Use video to convey an idea or show a process that’s difficult to see.


Need an engaging, visually striking presentation to highlight a new product or service? We’ll work with you to create a series of core slides to identify and connect the product and service benefits your customers are looking for.

Education, Training, & eLearning

No matter how great a new project or initiative might be, failing to communicate key information to users will leave your idea dead in the water. Don’t have the time or resources to create effective education and training courseware? We can handle everything from planning to content development to visual design, and you’ll be able to educate users from anywhere.

Program/Campaign Development

You have a great idea for a new program/campaign. Whether you need assistance finalizing the details or digital marketing expertise to showcase your concept to its intended audience, we’re here to help with a bag full of tools that have worked for other customers. You’ll find the tools that are right for you.

Demand Generation

Don’t keep your products or services a secret to your target audience. Capture customer attention, generate leads, and nurture customer interest with web landing pages, collateral, videos, email templates, gated content, interactive experiences, and more.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM) are specialized disciplines. Let us take care of keyword research — optimizing and updating your content and code or supporting your paid search efforts with ready-to-place ad units.


Your web presence may look stellar, but is it performing well and ultimately generating the results you need? Let us take on analyzing important page metrics for you — freeing up your time to focus on what you do best.

Social Media

Would you like to connect with your users and prospects and amplify your message using B2B social media channels like LinkedIn, blogs, or newsletters? We can make social media turn-key with calendar planning, content creation, visual design, video, and slideshare media.

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