Sales Enablement

Get more out of your sales teams, channels, and marketing efforts. Our Flipdeck solution is built for sales content. The simple cards & decks approach helps ensure that your sales team can quickly find and deliver the right content to your buyers at the right time.

  • Get Sales Productivity — Sellers don’t waste time searching for or modifying what marketing sent them
  • Gain Marketing Visibility — You won’t waste money generating content that isn’t working
  • Maintain Selling Momentum — Your customers get the information they need in real time, lessening the chance of the sales process stalling out

We created Flipdeck because we saw that good marketing content was getting lost in the corporate intranet. Sales people need easy and instant access to results-producing content, whether in the office or mobile. Presentek provides optional managed Flipdeck accounts, including curating and maintaining content, so your sellers can just sell.

With Flipdeck:

  • You’ll know which marketing content is working and which is not
  • You won’t waste money generating content that isn’t working
  • Your product marketing team is free to do what they do best, instead of responding to content questions

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